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You Get What You Pitch For

Pitching is about persuasion: radiating positivity, controlling the situation, winning an audience's trust, creating "fierce agreement," and getting them to want to give you what you're asking for. Written not just for a business audience, You Get What You Pitch For will approach the pitch as what it really is: a methodology for building productive, positive, mutually beneficial person-to-person interactions. Pitchman, Anthony "Sully" Sullivan and co-author, Tim Vandehey weave a lifetime of vivid stories and colorful characters, one-of-a-kind pitchman-lingo, and field-tested pitching techniques into an entertaining, practical, put-this-material-to-work-today user's manual for an extraordinary set of skills that millions of people can use to become the most confident, charismatic and powerful version of themselves. You Get What You Pitch For is built around common, real-life scenarios almost anyone can relate to, from handling disagreements, job interviews, making an important speech, getting funding, going after a promotion, and more.



Barbara Corcoran

Real Estate mogul and star of ABC’s Shark Tank

If you want to get ahead in your career, your personal life, if you want to get funded or turn an idea into reality, read this book.


Mark Burnett

Executive Producer of Survivor, The Apprentice & The Voice

Every television show that I've produced had to be pitched in order for it to become a reality. Sully has mastered the art of the pitch. Now he is sharing his art with you.

TB New Head Shot.jpg

Thom Beers

Three-time Emmy award-winning Producer & Creator of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch and Pitchmen

Sully is hands down the best pitchman I have ever seen. As he shows in You Get What You Pitch For, Sully is the master of crafting the pitch!


Randy Jackson

Record Producer, Music Manager, and Former Judge on American Idol

Stage presence and performance is all about the pitch! How you sound, how you look. It’s about making a connection with the audience. Sully nails the fundamentals.


Joe Maddon

Manager, 2016 World Champion Chicago Cubs

When managing, I have some favorite sayings: 'Do not permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure' and 'Be present, not perfect'. Sully captured that wisdom and a lot more.

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