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Anthony ”Sully” Sullivan is an entrepreneur and TV personality. He’s best-known as the spokesperson for OxiClean. He is Executive Producer of Discovery Channel’s “PitchMen”, and at the helm of Sullivan Productions has produced and appeared in dozens of commercials for practical consumer products including Swivel Sweeper, Tap Light, Sticky Buddy and H2O X2 Steam Mop, to name just a few. He has a stable of clients including Carrabbas, Nutrisytem, McDonalds, OxiClean, Arm & Hammer and more.

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Through his successes, Sully regards his greatest achievement to be the birth of his beautiful daughter, Devon. Born with developmental challenges, Devon’s short eight years have endured more surgeries and specialists than most people encounter in a lifetime. When Devon was put on anti-seizure medication, which worked but robbed her of her personality, Sully turned to CBD as an alternative. The results were astounding. CBD controlled her seizures, calmed her anxieties and, most importantly, brought back her beautiful smile and inquisitive nature. Sully quickly understood and valued the healing nature that CBD offered Devon, which lead to his next greatest venture.


Devon is now the inspiration in Sully’s most recent venture. In effort to ensure that Devon always has the highest quality, purest CBD available, Sully decided to grow it himself and thus, MONTKUSH Farms was born. Sully, with his partner Dave Christian, bought and cultivated 116 acres of land in Vermont, where they planted 75,000 of high-qualitiy CBD industrial hemp plants. Today, MONTKUSH Farms is organically certified and is now pressing and producing the purest CBD Oil in the market.

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